How to choose and match tombstone stone

In ancient times, in order to mark the deceased’s relatives, people would carve relevant information of the deceased on a stone to let future generations remember and commemorate. In order to make the deceased immortal, we will choose the hard and erosion resistant granite material to erect a monument for the deceased. Nowadays, the cemeteries and rural tombs at home and abroad are generally made of solid granite. There are many kinds of granite stone, how to choose a granite tombstone stone material with reasonable color?

There are many kinds of granite tombstone design, such as G654 sesame black, sesame white, Shanxi black, and so on, imported British brown, Indian red, blue pearl, Indian green, Indian black and so on. Granite is also very rich in color, including red, white, green, brown, blue and so on. Because of the variety, the choice of stone material and the matching of stone color are very important!

In China, the choice of tombstone stone is mainly solemn and solemn. The stone of tombstone not only depends on the material, but more importantly depends on its color. Many people don’t know that the stone color of tombstone is closely related to the five elements of Taoism: “gold, wood, water, fire and earth”. For example: Black belongs to water, red to fire, white to gold, cyan to wood, yellow to earth. The colors of these granites symbolize different meanings, as follows:

The black granite tombstone design mainly includes: “Shanxi black”, “China black”, “Hebei black” and other granite materials. Black granite symbolizes solemn, dignified, immortal spirit and deep memory.

The white granite tombstone design mainly includes: white hemp, sesame white, white stone symbolizes purity, elegant, gorgeous life, endless sorrow.

The design of granite tombstone made of yellow material mainly includes: Hemp flower, rosin yellow, yellow rust stone, etc. among the five colors in Chinese traditional culture, yellow is the color of the emperor, representing the glory, wealth and power.

The design of granite tombstone with cyan material mainly includes: bluestone, Jinan green, etc. cyan represents simple, optimistic, open, calm and elegant.

monuments gravestone designs.jpg

The red granite tombstone design mainly includes: Xinjiang red, India red, general red and other stone materials. Red stone materials symbolize noble, gorgeous, red years and brilliant career.

Relatives can customize a granite tombstone design according to the color preferred by the deceased or the stone color more representative of the identity of the deceased. Of course, a tombstone can have a variety of stone color, but need color matching to look pleasing to the eye, can’t match at will! If you don’t know how to match, you can choose a professional tombstone manufacturer, let it provide design reference, so as to customize a suitable granite tombstone design for the deceased, let the deceased rest in peace!

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