How to choose the material of tombstone

With the development of stone industry, how to choose the right color for granite tombstone?

Tombstone is usually carved with natural or artificial stone. Because of its brightness and hardness, granite has become the first choice for carving tombstone.

The selection of granite tombstone stone should consider the design and color, variety, crystal particles, cracks, defects and its own physical and chemical properties.

The stone used in tombstone is mainly granite. Different countries, even different regions of the same country, have different preferences for the varieties and colors of stone used for granite tombstones.

The tone of stone used for granite tombstone is very important. Generally, tombstone stones are sold in sets. Therefore, it is required that the color of the raw materials for tombstone should be uniform and the size of crystal particles should be consistent. It is better to cut the blanks of various matching stone products of a set of tombstones from the same block of raw materials. If it is impossible to select from the same block, the same color of the same pit in the same mine should be selected as far as possible.

The quality of the choice of the raw materials for granite tombstone has a great influence on the yield. The selected materials should be free of cracks, scars and colorless lines, and should have low water absorption, stable physical and chemical properties and even crystallization.

G654 granite cross tombstone.jpg

The effect of the block size of the raw materials on the processing of the tombstone is not as prominent as that of the processing plate. However, in order to ensure the uniform color and particle size of the same set of granite tombstone stones, the block size of the raw materials should be selected as the materials for tombstones.

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