Judge whether the granite headstone is polluted

Stone exposed to the outside for a long time will inevitably suffer from various kinds of pollution, which will affect the normal application of stone and the consumption rate of adding stone. If we can find the source of pollution and stop it at the beginning, we believe that such problems will be solved. The key is how to judge whether the granite headstone stone is polluted?

1. The surface layer of granite headstone stone has local yellowing: it is local and concentrated, and the concentration is thick and light, which belongs to rust yellow.

2. White China or crystallization: check whether it is white China. A little white powder on the joint filling or stone surface is very easy to remove.

3. Sniff stone: smell the contaminated place with nose. If it smells like solvent, it may be paint or other chemical solvent.

4. Comprehensive yellowing of the surface layer of granite headstone: the comprehensive yellowing is not regional, and may be formed after the yellowing of the surface layer treatment agent.

5. Erosion condition of stone surface layer: if you touch the stone surface layer skillfully, if it is a rough surface, marble (with CaCO3 as the main component) may be caused by acid erosion; granite (with SiO2 as the main component) may produce alkaline water spots, and the stone crystal grain will peel off.

6. Touch the texture of stone contaminated location: when the contaminated location changes from smooth to rough, it may lead to acid corrosion of marble, or granite falling off after alkaline water spots for a long time. The surface layer of smooth stone has the feeling of flour on mud, and when this kind of white powder is continuously spit out (about 1-2 days after cleaning), it may produce white China or alkali crystallization.

bahama blue granite tombstone.jpg

7. Stone water spot: granite headstone stone surface layer has color aggravation phenomenon, check whether it is water spot, can put water to wet stone surface layer, apply universal test paper, measure its pH value, if alkaline (universal test paper is blue), it shows that it is water spot, if not, it may be oil pollution. If the gas is polluted by alkaline water, it is difficult to dry the surface. If it is only caused by the usual water penetration, it is very easy to dry and fade.

Have you mastered the above methods? Master these methods to judge whether the granite headstone stone is polluted or not, strangle the source of the problem in the cradle, and better play the role of the stone.

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