Production technology of Shanxi black tombstone designs

Setting up a tombstone for the deceased and their relatives is the continuation of traditional Chinese culture and filial piety culture. With the development and exploitation of stone mines in China, there are more and more stone materials for the production and processing of tombstones, and the stone technology for the production of tombstones is also diverse. In a luxury tombstone, Shanxi black tombstone is a common material. Today, we will focus on the production and processing technology of Shanxi black tombstone designs.

Every luxurious art tombstone is made from natural stone through multiple production and processing. Don’t look down upon these seemingly simple tombstones. The components of the tombstone are a piece of stone, and the manufacturing process and technology behind it can’t be ignored. In particular, the carving and stone carving works on Shanxi black tombstone designs have very high requirements on the craftsman’s craft, and the technology must be hard enough to complete the production of a high-grade Shanxi black tombstone.

Generally, the stone material pulled back from the mine is processed, and the required equipment mainly includes block cutting machine, drilling machine, mill and other small auxiliary machinery. Here’s how to process a tombstone.

一. Mining of Shanxi Black Stone

A formed Shanxi black tombstone, most of the raw materials come from Shanxi black stone. These Shanxi black stone materials need to be mined in the mines, and the mining of these stone materials also requires professional technicians to complete. In addition to Shanxi black stone, there are other granite stones mainly: Shanxi black, white marble, sesame black, sesame white, and imported Indian red, British brown and so on. The domestically produced granite stone is the highest grade in Shanxi black. Generally, a luxurious and high grade tombstone will use Shanxi Hei stone.

二. Processing of Shanxi black stone

1. In order to transport the stone mined in Shanxi black mining area to the factory for processing, we need to use the diamond disc cutter, and then according to the drawing size of the tombstone, we need to cut the stone of the basic large parts of the tombstone.

2. Through the processing and cutting of stone, the stone is generally massive and strip-shaped. It is necessary to use drilling machinery and other equipment to process the arc with different curvature radius, the groove on the surface of the tombstone, and various shapes of the end face of the tombstone, so as to basically shape the outline of the tombstone.

black granite gravestone.jpg

三. Processing of Shanxi black tombstone designs

1. The basic shape of a tombstone is basically fixed by grinding the stone with a walking mill, and then grinding other small end faces and curved surfaces with a small manual machine.

2. Use a hand-held water mill to polish a large plane. For example, the main stone and cover plate of the tombstone need to be polished.

四. Carving on the surface of Shanxi black tombstone designs

General tombstone for the appearance of luxury style, will carve some patterns, also can carve relief, sink carving and so on. For example: dragon pillar, stone lion, elephant, Ruyi and so on. General luxury art tombstone will need some carving ornaments to highlight the grand momentum of the tombstone.

From the above processing process, we can see that behind a luxurious and imposing Shanxi black tombstone designs, there are a lot of work to do, not only the processing of stone, but also a great test for the technical level of every mechanic. Because the tombstone processing is not an assembly line operation, each processing process must be done in strict accordance with the requirements.

Each tombstone is used by customers to mourn the death of their loved ones, and it is also a bridge linking them. For customers, a well-made and exquisite Shanxi black tombstone is their emotional belonging and the final belonging of life. For all customers, the ultimate goal of all customers is to wish the deceased rest in peace.

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