What materials are used to make tombstones?

With the rapid development of social economy, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality and style of articles, as well as tombstones. Tombstone monument is to commemorate the dead relatives, but also to let the dead rest in peace. Therefore, the choice of stone material and color of a tombstone is very important. With the development of tombstone industry, there are many tombstone stone materials and colors to provide choices.

A professional manufacturer of tombstones, tombstone monument generally take natural mines, and then through manual processing and carving. Most of the tombstones are made of granite. Due to the brightness and hardness of granite, they can withstand the destruction of natural wind and rain. Tombstones are generally erected outdoors. Therefore, it can be said that most tombstones are made of granite.

What are the stone materials and colors of granite?

There are many kinds of tombstone monument materials, such as Indian red, tan brown and so on. The imported materials are relatively expensive. The commonly used domestic stone materials are high-grade Shanxi black etc, and the middle-grade ones are sesame black, sesame white, etc. the domestic relative price is relatively cheap. But there is no so-called best tombstone stone, mainly depends on the matching of design and the selection of tombstone materials and colors in various areas. Let’s learn about these common stone materials:

Imported stone material:

1. Indian Red: the color is mostly red, and mixed with flower patterns. Indian red stone is mainly of red background structure, without grain. According to the color and crystal, it can be divided into deep red, light red, large flower, medium flower, small flower, etc.

2. Tan Brown: very high hardness, mainly for the brown background red color bile structure, according to the color is divided into deep red, light red, large flowers, small flowers, etc. Uniform pattern, stable color and good luminosity.

bahama blue tombstone.jpg

Domestic stone materials:

1. Shanxi black: it is a kind of black granite. Shanxi black is the purest and blackest granite in the world. It has uniform structure, high glossiness, pure black brightness and gentle texture. High grade, luxury tombstone will generally choose this material.

2. Sesame black: sesame black is a kind of granite, granite color, color and texture of a wide range of options, polished color is particularly beautiful, highlighting the luxury and nobility.

3. Sesame white: is a kind of natural granite, hard texture, delicate as snow.

Granite stone material color is more, in carving need to choose the appropriate color. For example, the indian red symbolizes magnificence, nobility and brilliant cause. It is a symbol of Shanxi’s pure and solemn feelings, and it is a symbol of endless sadness.

Understanding the feelings of thoughts and emotional colors represented by different colors can produce a luxurious memorial tombstone, which can better reflect the personality of the deceased.

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