What’s the difference between Mongolian black and Shanxi black tombstones

Tombstone, for human beings, is a symbol of mourning and remembering the deceased’s relatives. It is widely used in cemeteries and cemeteries. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the materials of tombstones. Now the tombstone contains almost all the materials of granite. For tombstones, most people still choose the heavy black. Now let’s learn about the stone styles of the black tombstone in China. I have to say that each one is magnificent and luxurious.

At present, the stone materials of black tombstone in China are mainly Mongolia black tombstone and Shanxi black tombstone, etc.

Mongolia black is the most premature in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia and Jianping, Liaoning Province. Later, basalts in Jining, Inner Mongolia and other places were successively mined, also known as Mongolian black. It belongs to a kind of granite. The particles are fine and dense. After polishing, the color of the board is black, but there is a little yellow feeling, and the board also has some white spots.

Shanxi black, also known as emperor black, is another kind of black granite. The variety and ore belong to diabase gabbro in magmatic rock, which is dark black, mainly plagioclase and pyroxene, crystalline fine-grained structure, massive structure, pure black and shiny.

Shanxi black granite is the best black granite in China and one of the best in the world.

In fact, Shanxi black, like other granites, has many grades. We usually use Shanxi black a to make tombstones. Shanxi black tombstone is comparable to South African black and Indian black in foreign and physical characteristics, but its price is obviously lower than the latter two. All Shanxi black is often the first choice of foreign stone.

granite grave stone.jpg

Of course, not all black stones are the best choice for tombstones. With the improvement of economic level, people’s pursuit of art is higher and higher, and the personalized design of tombstone is also more and more. Generally speaking, granite is the best material for a tombstone.

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