Why are monuments usually made of granite?

Generally speaking, the stone making monument is mainly made of granite and marble. Once upon a time, professionals have done data statistics, and the results show that most of the stone used for making monuments in European style is mainly granite. In modern times, almost all monument stones on the market are granite monuments, whether at home or abroad.

On the one hand, granite is hard and weathering resistant, and on the other hand, granite is cheaper and more suitable for most people than marble.

Although granite is the main stone used in the memorial monument, different countries and even different regions of the same country have different preferences for the variety and color of stone used for monument.

Good memorial monument materials should be mainly uniform in color and the size of crystal particles should be consistent. It is better to cut the blanks of various matching stone products in accordance with a set of monuments from the same block of raw materials; the raw materials for monuments should be free of cracks, scars and colorless lines, and should have low water absorption, stable physical and chemical properties and uniform crystallization.

The best-selling granite monument material in China is G664 granite. Whether it is hard, because of its high gloss and pure color, it is because this is the best black monument in China. Of course, the price is relatively expensive. Secondly, we will choose Fuding black, China black and other granite stones.

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