Why is granite more suitable for headstone than marble

There are many kinds of stones in our life. Which one is more suitable for headstone monument? Because the headstone is placed outdoors all the year round, it is necessary to have a very stable nature, anti-corrosion, anti weathering and easy processing, and can meet the functional requirements of most customers.

Up to now, all headstones in the world are made of stone, but from the perspective of stone materials, all stones can be processed and carved into various headstone monument styles.

From the environmental point of view, most of the marble is suitable for carving headstone stone, because the chemical properties of marble are not more stable than granite, which is not suitable for long-term outdoor storage, but more inclined to be placed in indoor stone carving crafts. Therefore, after years of experiment and research, granite stone is the most suitable stone for headstone monument.

Compared with granite, marble is softer, more color, more obvious pattern and more particles. Therefore, marble is mainly used in interior decoration, such as TV background wall, ground, window sill, etc., and the interior of marble contains a very rich amount of calcium carbonate, which is easy to be corroded and weathered, making the surface lose luster quickly. The granite is harder in texture, uniform in structure, beautiful in color and not easy to be weathered. The color can be maintained for decades or even hundreds of years. Wear resistance is the first choice for outdoor carving stone, and of course, it is also the first choice for making headstone stone.

Granite stone has become the mainstream of headstone monument industry in recent decades. In the past, most Chinese headstones were made of marble, while the European headstones were mainly made of granite. In modern times, almost all headstones at home and abroad are made of granite. This is not only from the nature of granite, but also because the cost of granite is lower. From the perspective of cost, granite is more suitable for making headstone. The rich color of granite can also meet the preferences and quality requirements of people in various countries and regions.

granite cross headstones.jpg

The advantages and disadvantages of a set of memorial headstone and whether a memorial headstone manufacturer is professional mainly depend on whether the tone and particle size of a set of headstone stones are uniform. Therefore, it is better to make the same set of headstone stones from the same block of raw materials or the same mine. The memorial headstone has no crack, scar, colorless line, low water absorption and stable performance.

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